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RecroGridRGOptionOptionKeysD Enumeration

Dynamical options on server side.

Namespace:  Recrovit.RecroGridFramework
Assembly:  Recrovit.RecroGrid (in Recrovit.RecroGrid.dll) Version: 1.7.3
public enum OptionKeysD
  Member nameValueDescription
RGOD_CssClass0 Defining the CSS class which belongs to the field.
RGOD_Style1 Defining the style which belongs to the field.
RGOD_Attr2 Defining attributs using Anonymous Types.
eg.: options[clientRec[i].ClientName] = new { RGOD_Attr = new { title = "Test title" } };
RGOD_Tooltip3 Set text for jQuery UI Tooltip. Form nézet esetén a CreateDetailsHtml() -> RGServiceParams.InitParam-ban lehet átadni. pl. InitParams["RGOD_Tooltip"] = Dictionary => (ClientName, value)
RGOD_Remove4 If set true field will not show on client side. It is usable in template mode.
eg.: options[clientRec[i].ClientName] = new { RGOD_Remove = true };
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