RecroGrid Framework Developer license1
Licensing model Unit Period Price
RGF Trial License 1 month Free trial
RGF AHP License2,3 AHP subscription Free
RGF Developer License3,4 1 Workstation 12 months €39.99
RGF Developer UL License3 1 Workstation Lifetime €99.99

RecroGrid Framework Server license1
Licensing model Unit Period Price
RGF Trial License 1 month Free trial
RGF AHP License2 AHP servers AHP subscription Free
RGF Server Core License Max. 2 Cores / vCPUs Lifetime Free
RGF Server Core License3,4,5 1 Core / vCPU 1 month €7.99
RGF Server UL License3 1 Server Lifetime €2,890
  • 1. All type of licenses need to be activated. The type of license is defined by the OS. Developer licenses can be used only on workstations, server licenses can be used only on servers. All released versions can be used during the license's validity period.
  • 2. AHP licenses are available in aspHOSTpage Standard and Pro subscriptions on aspHOSTpage. Their validity is the same as the aspHOSTpage subscription validity. The use of RecroGrid Framework is free of charge on any of the servers of aspHOSTpage.
  • 3. After activation, the license is tied to the particular physical or virtual machine and can not be transferred to another machine. In a virtualized environment, you need as many licenses as the number of hosts to use for that virtual machine.
  • 4. The validity begins with the date of activation (not from the date of purchase). Activation from the date of purchase is possible within the specified deadline if it is not activated within this time, the license expires.
  • 5. Regarding RGF Server Core license, for the physical machine the number of core counts. In virtual environment all vCPU (virtual processor) require license. If the number of vCPU varies, the maximum number of vCPU require license.